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something horrible: tweedles & charlie fic

It was quiet.

In Windsor.

Something horrible must’ve happened.

Charlie knew he should probably be relieved, but instead he began feeling rather uneasy due to the lack of activity.

He’d searched through Windsor multiple times already, checking in on everyone to make sure they were alright. They were. Except for the twins. At least, that’s what he feared, because he couldn’t find the blond boys anywhere; Not in their dorm, nor the kitchen (Thank god), or the common room, the dining hall or, well, anywhere. Nobody he asked seemed to have seen either of them for the past few hours.

"Goddammit, where are they?"

He went another round through the rooms without any luck. They were nowhere to be found. By now Charlie was seriously worried and he reached for his phone to text Justin and Logan to see if the twins were over at Hanover or Stuart, and for probably the first time ever, he really wished they were.

When he didn’t find his phone in the pocket he sighed, realizing he must’ve left it in his dorm this morning. Because he’d slept late he had forgot a number of things while rushing to class - the phone was apparently one of them.

Sure enough, Charlie found it in his dorm. 

[Have u cn the twns? - Charlie]

He wasted no time sending the text,  tripping over his own fingers hitting the buttons and then impatiently awaiting the answers. Deciding to continue searching while he waited he turned to exit…

… only to freeze when he heard a soft groan coming from the other end of the room.

Slowly, he looked over to his bed, and his eyes widened.

There laid the twins, nestled together, fast asleep in each others arms. One of them shifted slightly but didn’t wake up and the other tightened the hug around his brother.

Charlie didn’t know why they were sleeping on his bed; But honestly, he didn’t really care. He turned off the lights and quietly backed out of the room again, closing the door carefully after him.

[Nvrmnd, found them. - Charlie]