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Constantly confused media student trying to carve out her own little corner of the world. I'm Jo. I come from a magical place up north called Sweden, where it snows half the year and rains the other. This is my blog. Welcome. Please wipe your shoes off at the door, as I've already cleaned this place once this year and can't be bothered to do it again on the forseeable future.

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mr. squidgereen

tweedles fact drabble 46#

"I miss Alice."


"And Chaz."


"I miss all of them."

"I know."

"It’s so lonely here."

"You have me."

"Don’t know how I could manage if I didn’t."

"Me neither. About you."




"I miss Dalton."

"Me too."


[They only get sad at home. They love school and the people in it; their friends and their adventrues which they don’t have at home.]